Rugby 101

Here are a few links to sites and videos to help players, new and returning, as well as parents understand the basics of rugby. There is a lot to learn, so much that even experienced players, coaches, referees and supporters, will typically have some aspect of the game to re-educate themselves on.

There are many videos and images online that feature adult, professional athletes, designed to ‘shock and aw’. Please keep in mind that your daughter will be playing with and against girls of the same age/size under the supervision of coaches and officials with the safety of players put first.

New to the Game – This is a great primer that walks you through a match (youtube link is embedded), and describes what is happening and what each position is responsible for during a game.

Rugby 101 – this wikipedia page provides a good overview of history, positions and law.

Basic Referee Signals 

Coach Valerie’s Rugby 101 Youtube playlist (More video links below)

Typical Rugby Week

Kick and Touch visuals with link to laws




More Videos:




MDX Girls Rugby












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