2018 Season Registration

Registration for the 2018 season for both new players and returning players has started.  We will register all player via Teamsnap.  There are three steps required to register:  1.  Filling out the Teamsnap “Player Info” on the Teamsnap Roster tab, 2.  Paying Team Dues, and 3. Registering with USA Rugby.  Register with the team via Teamsnap now.  Dues and USA Rugby registration can be done at any time but earlier is always better.  You must pay dues and register with USA Rugby before you will be allowed to play in any friendly or league match. If you have any questions or concerns with the registration process, please ask!

All new players will receive:

  • Team jacket with logo
  • T-shirt
  • Rugby shorts with logo
  • Socks

Registration Process

Send player’s email address to mdxu19girls@gmail.com to be added to the TeamSnap roster

Step 1: Go to the Exiles Girls U19 Rugby Teamsnap page (https://go.teamsnap.com/3486839/home).

Click on the “Roster” tab and then find and click on the player’s name.  Click on the edit button in the upper right section of the player profile.  Fill out (edit) all the fields for the player profile.  You may need to click on “additional fields” to add the player’s address and clothing sizes.  You can also add additional family members here, so that everyone gets the notifications.  Enter NA in the “Jersey Number” and “Position(s)” fields.  If you don’t know the players USA Rugby CIPP #, leave blank for now.

Important:  Send an email to mdxu19girls@gmail.com when the Teamsnap player info has been edited or confirmed as correct.

Step 2:  Pay team dues by clicking on the “payments” tab.  There are multiple ways to pay:

  • By Credit Card or PayPal.  Click on “Pay with Pay Pal.  Next, you will be asked to determine amount to be paid.  Once you submit the amount, follow directions to use a current PayPal account, set up a new PayPal account, or use a credit card.
  • By Check or Cash to Coach Hugh or Coach Karl.  We will email confirmation after we deposit the funds.
  • Cost:  
    • Grades 9-12: New Players $175, Returning Players $200
    • Grades 7&8 $150

Important:  Send an email to mdxu19girls@gmail.com when you have paid the team dues.

Step 3Go to USA Rugby and click “Join USA Rugby” (Search for Maryland Exiles U19 Girls Rugby Football Club (ID: 57856). Registration cost $35.

Important:  Send an email to mdxu19girls@gmail.com when you have registered withy USA Rugby.



  1. Hello!

    My name is Juliet, AKA Squid, and I am an alumni of your team! If you could use a coach or assistant coach this upcoming season, I would love the opportunity to help the future of the Exiles girls to expand and flourish.

    I’ve played rugby for 8 years, first for the Maryland Exiles U19 Girls, with whom I played Scrumhalf and eventually captained to our first regional championship. I actually founded a Varsity Rugby team at The Academy of the Holy Cross in 2010, and that same year, I played for a PRU all star team as well as a MARFU all-star team, with whom I traveled to the all-star national championship & started Flanker. At this tournament, I was recruited by Pete Steinberg to play at Penn State University, and ended up going there. Pete realized my full potential as a Scrumhalf, so as a college freshman I became the 2nd-string Scrumhalf for the best Women’s collegiate team in the Nation. I ended up leaving PSU, and upon my return I started Scrumhalf and assistant-coached for the Montgomery County Knights Men’s team for two years. As the only team in the league with a female player, we were undefeated for almost three whole seasons. Next year, I will either be playing for the Stingers or the Furies women because I finally have a normalized schedule with a full-time job.

    I could also recruit! I have sisters in high school and they have plenty of friends. Haha, if you’re interested, please contact me anytime via email, text, or call. I hope to talk to you soon.

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