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Outstanding season for the girls

Dear all.

A tough match yesterday but our girls certainly gave North-bay a lot to think about, and more opposition than they were expecting. A huge performance from the exiles and two well earned tries , the final score certainly does not represent accurately the flow of the game.

Some of the better educated rugby critics at the game were amazed at our ball handling, physicality, determination and rugby IQ, our second try came after a series of 27 phases which in international rugby would be noteworthy and quite unprecedented at our U19 level.

This was the Exiles first trip to the state finals and we very much hope to go back next year for a different result.

If any one could forward me some of the pictures of the team under the posts I would appreciate it, I have to write a piece for the local paper.

Finally, I understand that we have a venue and a date for an end of season celebration, others will be sending out that information later.

Karl and I thank you all for your support through the season and we look forward to seeing you at the party.





Sunday Semi final

Dear all.

Sunday we face the girls from West Carol again. Make no mistake, they are hurting from last week, this will be a tough tough game .

We need everyone, and I mean everyone to come out to Shadygrove road to support our girls in this crucial game, we are 70 minutes away from the state final, it doesent get much bigger than this.

Spread the word, aunties, uncles, grandma, grandad, brothers, sisters, cousins neighbours, passersby, even the postman!! Get them all to come and support.

We need a huge crowd Sunday at 1pm to give the team every possible encouragement.

See you all there,

Karl and Hugh

Exiles International tournament wrap up

Dear all.

MD Exiles U19 girls went un-beaten this weekend at the international tourno. The girls are improving with each game with stand out performances from just about everyone.

A big shout out to all our volunteers and supporters who again supported us with the provision of food , drink and transport, as we always say, its a big team effort and we can’t do it without everyone pitching in.

On to this weekend with our last regular season game before the playoffs, a vital game for us to win so that we get a good seeding.

See you all at Shadygrove road this sunday.

Best Hugh and Karl



Thursdays practice 4-19-18


Remember Coach valerie will be helping us tomorrow evening with a session on ‘creating order from confusion’ also while this is happening I will be holding individual conversations with all players to asses their development.

On that note

‘Great players are hungry for their coaches to tell them how they can improve. A thing that particularly sets them apart from the rest, is that they don’t wait for feedback, they seek it out. They ask questions & are deeply curious. They don’t let an ego get in the way of learning’

RuggerFest Rapup!!


Be proud of our girls, 3rd best team at the tourno. Tough games yesterday but we perservered , worked and learned, great game today coming home for a nice donut return at 76-0, stand out performances from everyone on the team.

Also standout performances from everyone who came to support, everyone who drove and everyone who provided drinks, food, power snacks and clean kit.

Thanks to everyone for a true team performance, we’ll do it all again next weekend at the Exiles international festival.  Girls, we’ll see you all at Shadygrove Tuesday.


Karl and Hugh



Please be sensetive of coaches time

Dear Parents and responsible adults.

Please don’t be tardy when collecting your girls from practice or any other Exiles event.

While Karl and I give freely of our time it’s a challenge to wait arround 25 minutes after a practice session to have a player collected. We can’t and wont leave your girls alone at Shadygrove or anywhere else after a practice or game.

Please work with us on this.

Exiles ‘All in’

We have a huge game next weekend, we so need to be up for this.

Athletes and rugby teams ; being ‘ALL IN’ means that: – You never give less than 💯 at all times. –

  • You demand the best from yourself and your teammates daily. –
  • You live the teams cultures and standards. –
  • You aren’t afraid to call out fellow teammates on poor standards or behaviors.

An excellent start !!!!


Kudos to everyone for a great start to the season at our home field yesterday.

Shout out to the team who did a great job closing out our opponents to a rocking 96-0 win, we will encounter tougher teams this season and we need to work harder on some areas of our game , but as I said a fantastic start, also everyone got some game time.

We need to give a shout out to all the people who helped pull yesterday together, from the administration and organization, providing and serving food for the social , collecting the game time equipment, marking the pitch and most importantly everyone who turned out to cheer on the team. These things don’t just happen.

Many congratulations and thanks to everyone involved.

Hugh and Karl