About Us

Head Coach: Linda Pallominy

Coach: Paolo Iscaro

MD Exiles Girls Rugby Club, Inc.

We are a 501 (c) (3) organization. Donors can deduct contributions made to MD Exiles Girls Rugby Club, Inc. under IRC Section 170. A copy of our IRS letter of recognition as a public charity/private foundation can be viewed here.

Maryland Exiles Girls Rugby Club is compliant with the Maryland State Charitable Solicitations Act.

Board Members:

Matt Herringa, President

Jim Cox, Vice President

Flavia Herringa, Treasurer

Lauren Hendricks, Secretary


Jay Danner-McDonald  – Website

Lauren Hendricks – Merchandise

Jim Cox, Weather/Field Status Advisor

Tracey Ferridge, Parent Lead

FAQs answered by current players

1. I have never played rugby before, does that matter?

Not at all! We have players with varied experiences on the rugby pitch and with other sports, but we can help you learn how to play (and love) the game! 

2. Are there tryouts?

No, there are not. Come to practice consistently and you’re on the team! 

3. Is rugby dangerous?

Rugby is a contact sport and, like any other contact sport, it has risks. Although this is true, our coach and the drills we do during practice instill safety into our habits.

4. Is this team coed?

No, we are a girl’s team. Contact Coach Dan Soso for information on Maryland Exiles Youth Rugby (the boy’s team) mdxyouthrugby.org

5. Is there an Exiles girl’s rugby team for girl’s not yet in middle school.

No, Exiles serves middle and high school aged girls.

Parent Testimonials

Still not sure if Rugby is the right sport for your daughter? Just ask our parents!

“My daughter was introduced to rugby 3 years ago. She instantly fell in love with the spirit, vigor and camaraderie of the game. I’ve never seen a women’s sport like it — the teamwork required, the physicality, the mutual respect, and the post-game bonding between teams. Because there are no pads, players have to be smart and skilled in their contact — I have seen very few injuries. Rugby has been an incredible experience for my daughter – she plans to continue playing in college and afterwards.”


“MD Exiles U19 Rugby Club provided a great oulet for my kids to learn not just rugby, but sportsmanship, commitment and discipline. My girls have been injury free since playing rugby, unlike other sports they have joined. This is mainly because of the great coaching and direction from Coach Valerie and Dewey. Even though our daughters have different skill levels and experience, they were able to compete successfully and enjoy the season together. “

Hiring potential for rugby players:

By Eileen C. McDonnell, Penn Mutual’s Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer | 02.19.15 : “At the same time, rugby’s status as a non-NCAA sanctioned sport may very well make rugby players even more desirable as potential employees than, say, a blue chip, Division I recruit. No doubt, they work just as hard as their classmates with scholarships. But they may come without the sense of entitlement that comes with those who have been pursued and praised for much of their lives.” – See more at: http://www.rugbytoday.com/college/penn-mutual-bets-big-rugby#sthash.3R9dHPdM.dpuf


  1. My daughter is 14 and a freshman. She’s 5’3″ and weighs 190lb. She’s big and tough and is looking for a contact sport very similar to boys football. Can you please tell me where and when she can come out and join the team?

  2. Hi. I have never played rugby before. Do I have to attend the rugby academy in the fall to be able to play rugby in the spring? Also, how do I register for practices?

    1. So glad to hear you are interested in playing rugby. No, you don’t have to attend the academy to play in the spring. We have a free clinic tomorrow from 2:00-5:00 at Mill Creek Towne Local Park, Derwood. We don’t have much going on until we start in February so , sign up on the website to receive posts via email to get the registration information when it comes out.

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