Month: January 2020

Exiles Is Recruiting!

No Experience Required!

Be part of this fun team and come play the great sport of rugby! You’ll make great friends and learn about the fastest growing girl’s team sport in the US. There are tons of opportunities now and for your future so come out and see what we’re up to! Practices starting soon and you can come and try us out at no cost… nothing to lose and lots to gain!

Contact us at: or

Follow us on Instagram: @mdexilesgirls

Facebook: Maryland Exiles Girls Rugby

Thank You Sponsors!!

  • CrossFit Enforce for providing weekly conditioning via coaching, gym space and equipment for meetings and fundraisers!
  • BarT Camp for providing a beautiful outdoor field and venue for practices!
  • Maybe YOU? Consider becoming sponsor! Exiles is a non-profit 501c3 organization so contributions are tax deductible.

2020 Workout Challenge

2020 rugby season… 

We want to be powerful, we want to be fast, we want to have stamina, we want to be strong, we want to be healthy, we want to be ready and we want to win!

With these goals in mind, we are posting workouts of the week for you to do at your convenience and in any order you want. 

Record your times and workouts in your phone or on paper and make sure Coach Flavia gets your weekly results on Sundays. At the end of February we will have some fun awards for most consistent, most best times, most improved run, most workouts done, most partner (mom, dad, friend, etc..) participation!! (So don’t forget to record if you workout with someone) 

If you do any extra workouts or already workout at a gym record those too!

Keep checking the website for the workouts

Conditioning week of January 14-18

Warm up at least 5 minutes before each workout by skipping, hopping, getting down on the ground and back up (think burpee but slow stepping down and stepping up), light sit ups (not fast). If you are cold or just woke up add another 5 minutes until you are warm and moving well. As always, stay hydrated with water throughout the day.

Run 1 mile outside at a good pace
*Record your time

5 rounds.. speedy but with good form
*Record your time

10 worming pushups
20 sit-ups

On the top of the minute for 10 minutes
50 Jumps with jump rope (single passes)

100 ft. suicide runs divided by 4 (25’) (About the length of a basket ball court)
*Record your time

Round 1- Run the whole suicide at a slow pace then
REST exactly 3 Minutes, then

R2- Run the whole suicide at a moderate pace
Rest 3 Minutes

R3- Run the whole suicide at a faster
Rest 3 Minutes

R4- Run the whole suicide an even faster pace
Rest 3 Minutes

R5- Run the whole suicide as fast as possible
*Record your time

50 burpees
*Record your time

Contact Coach Flavia if you need any explanation


Annual Player and Parents Meeting Sunday, January 19th, 1-3 PM

Players (high school and middle school), parents and those interested in joining the team please attend the MD Exiles Girl’s annual meeting. Important information will be given at this meeting regarding practices, matches, coaches, schedules, dues, uniforms, events, fundraising and more.  We need to tell you lots of things and we want your input as well so please attend!

Bring a folding/camp chair if you’d like to sit since we’re meeting at the gym.

Conditioning will follow directly from 3-4 PM.

Location: CrossFit Enforce (sponsor)

7851 Beechcraft Ave
Unit F & G
Gaithersburg, MD 20879
United States

Directions from Woodfield Rd: turn into the shopping center where Dunkin Donuts is located and drive through the middle of the center and over the speed bumps. You will pass a storage facility and enter a circle. Make your first right into the business center and go to the end. CrossFit Enforce is on the left.