Month: April 2018

Sunday’s 9:00 match has been canceled!

No match tomorrow at 9:00.

Our game against the Canadians at 11:00 is still on.

All players must show up on field #2 at 10:00.  Should be a good match!




Saturday game time

We play at 1:00 on Saturday – changes are posted below in bold italics. Players must be ready to go at noon on Field #3.  Check Teamsnap and the web page for future changes.

Maryland International Youth Rugby Festival 21-22 April

There have been changes to Saturday’s kick off times.  Please check this site or Team snap often. Showtime for everyone is noon at field #3.

Our first match is Saturday at 1:00 vs Doylestown.  Make sure you are ready to play at noon on field #3.

Our second match on Saturday is at 3:00 vs North Bay B.  Make sure you are ready to play at 2:00 on field #3.

We play on Sunday at 9:00 on field #2 against Downington.  Be ready to go on the field at 8:00.

We play again on Sunday at 11:00 against Saint Joseph CSS B on field #2.

  • This event is sponsored by Rhino Rugby, stop by and patronize their store.
  • There will be a promotion for the Wales – South Africa Test Match.
  • College recruiters from Mary Washington and Marywood Universities will be at the festival to encourage your players to attend their programs.
  • There will be a $10 parking fee to pay for this beautiful facility and the parking crew that will be waving you in.

Thursdays practice 4-19-18


Remember Coach valerie will be helping us tomorrow evening with a session on ‘creating order from confusion’ also while this is happening I will be holding individual conversations with all players to asses their development.

On that note

‘Great players are hungry for their coaches to tell them how they can improve. A thing that particularly sets them apart from the rest, is that they don’t wait for feedback, they seek it out. They ask questions & are deeply curious. They don’t let an ego get in the way of learning’

RuggerFest Rapup!!


Be proud of our girls, 3rd best team at the tourno. Tough games yesterday but we perservered , worked and learned, great game today coming home for a nice donut return at 76-0, stand out performances from everyone on the team.

Also standout performances from everyone who came to support, everyone who drove and everyone who provided drinks, food, power snacks and clean kit.

Thanks to everyone for a true team performance, we’ll do it all again next weekend at the Exiles international festival.  Girls, we’ll see you all at Shadygrove Tuesday.


Karl and Hugh



Please be sensetive of coaches time

Dear Parents and responsible adults.

Please don’t be tardy when collecting your girls from practice or any other Exiles event.

While Karl and I give freely of our time it’s a challenge to wait arround 25 minutes after a practice session to have a player collected. We can’t and wont leave your girls alone at Shadygrove or anywhere else after a practice or game.

Please work with us on this.